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German SEO Pack – 2 months of work

This great service focus on German website and business owners. It’s a comprehensive 2 months SEO, SMM and Online Marketing plan For those who target Germany or german speaking countries markets. It coveres up pretty much everything such as research, on-page optimization, content creation, posting to German networks or authority websites, planning, contacting webmasters, backlinks, reporting and it’s all 100% manual work.

Product Description

german seo services

Your website is targeting Germany or German speaking countries?

If yes, then this must be the your way of spending money for German SEO and with the best ROI.

Take a look about what we are offering here:

What is included in this German SEO pack?

1st Month action plan:

  • Optimizing the actual website pages for SEO with title and meta data and fix all the broken or missing things – We choose targeted keywords for every page.
  • Build a content plan focused on the targeted keywords.
  • Write 5 high quality German articles
  • Blog management.
  • Proposals for improving the website impact and CTR rate
  • Insert the website targeted keywords in a rank tracking tool and analize it.
  • Research to find all the German niche relevant websites, forums, classifieds, blogs, social networks, etc., that we could benefit of (post/advertise) for SEO and targeted traffic.
  • Write and post a German Press Release
  • Create accounts on all found/missing German and international  relevant social Media networks found with descriptions, images and all the things required.
  • Create accounts on all relevant German forums found.
  • Create accounts on all German classifieds websites found.
  • Contact German webmasters for posting or promoting your website on their websites or blogs, free if it’s possible or paid but we allways negociate.
  • Create 5 text ads for the classifieds and post one ad on the first 5 classifieds websites from the list.
  • Post 20 manual blog comments in German on authority German blogs.
  • Submit the website on all the major search engines.
  • Create accounts on other relevand websites found in research
  • Reporting and analisys

2nd Month action plan:

  • Write 9 articles: 3 articles for the website blog, 3 for offsite postings and 3 for the satellite Web 2.0 blogs that we will create later.
  • Make 20 manual and relevant German blog comments on German authority blogs.
  • Make 20 posts on all social media accounts in German(text, links, images, updates, offsite articles, etc.).
  • Make 5 posts on each forum.
  • Post 3 articles on the website blog.
  • Create 3 nice and optimized satellite blogs on platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr,, Weebly, Jimdo, etc.
  • Create account on Yahoo Answers and other Swiss & German questions & answers websites and post 5 answers (with link if it’s possible) on each of them.
  • Post 5 ads on 5 new classifieds websites with link to the website.
  • Distribute all the Web 2.0 blogs, articles posted, and answers given on social media.
  • Analize the competition top converting backlinks and make a list of them for future use.
  • Do other things that came up while researching and analyzing the traffic.
  • At the end of the billing month, analyze the keywords, traffic with Google Analytics and heatmap and recording tool and take concluions and maybe future plans.

In our opinion, this is the best value for the budget involved on promoting a German website in the first phase. Sure, you can contact us for more personalized plans if your project requires, we will gladly help you choose the right way of online marketing.

All the work done in this German SEO pack it’s 100% manual work by trained staff with active implication in the project.



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